You can’t get around the online, digital world we live in today. So, if you want your kids to learn, and study, the math they are learning at school, you better find a way to bring it to the online world. The use of apps is just one of the many tools your kids are going to want to use, when they are learning new, complex information, in their math class. But, what are the best apps to learn math? These are a few to consider when you want to get your kids to do their work and learn the subject matter as well.

Sushi Monster  
Who doesn’t like sushi? With 12 levels of play, the intuitive, playful monster character will interact with your child and engage them in the new math they are being taught. This app teaches multiplication and addition modules, where the player has to use plates to make the right combination, to achieve the desired solution. Each round has 14 target numbers, and it gets progressively tougher, so your child will learn, and have fun while playing with this app.

Chalkboard math  
At a price of just $0.99, this app helps students practice the basic math skills they are learning in class. Multiplication, addition, subtraction, and basic division, and a feature answer mode or flashcard mode is available for use. With verbal answering options, your kids are more likely to engage, and want to practice the basic equations they were taught in class.

Number rack  
This app utilizes visualizing the numbers, placing them on a rack, and getting kids to learn where they should be placed in a particular equation or sequence. Using movable colored beads, players will group numbers also and subtraction equations, to achieve the desired result in an equation. It is an engaging app, for the juvenile (elementary student) who is having a hard time grasping onto the basics of what they are learning in class.

Due to the nature of math, and the fact that it is accurate (rather than theoretical), many students have a hard time grasping and enjoying the subject matter. You want your kids to get a good start with math from an early age. These are a few of the many fun apps you can place on your phone or a tablet, to help them engage, learn, and have a good time while doing so.