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Trial software versions EMTask Light, EMSolution Light and EMMentor Light are not supported anymore.
The EMTeachline software is fully represented online.

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ABSTRACT. EMTeachline has released a PC-based interactive mathematics software that tutors in solving math problems. This encyclopedic software contains hundreds of thousands of fully explained step by step solutions to math problems from basic to advanced and thousands of related definitions, rules, formulas and theorems. Based on a unique teaching technology, the EMTeachline mathematics software controls, analyses and grades your performance, detects gaps in your theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills, and generates an optimal set of tasks to close the revealed gaps. For math teachers and tutors, the software offers a comprehensive multifactor analysis of student's errors, with methodical recommendations for error correction, and easy-to-use test preparation options. The software is suitable for elementary, middle and high school use and for mathematics self-study.


The EMTeachline Mathematics Software is a problem-solving learning and teaching tool for students of all ages and skill levels, from elementary school through adult, and for math teachers and tutors. The software includes a set of interactive training techniques and a unique system of performance analysis with methodical feedbacks. Based on an analysis of user's performance, the software detects gaps in his theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills and summarises his errors. To correct errors and develop missing skills, the software offers an optimal set of exercises.

Each training technique applies to the solution of a math problem and consists of a set of tasks to be discharged at each solution step. Learners are provided with some elements of theoretical background for the current or next solution step and are asked to insert missing elements. Each technique trains a particular skill. Taken together, these techniques will arm learners with a stronger understanding of fundamental math concepts, improved higher-level thinking skills and outstanding skills in solving math problems.

A comprehensive analysis of student's performance is a pivotal element in math training. The software automates the process of multifactor analysis of errors in multiple-task performance. The errors are studied on multiple parameters - on formulas, definitions and rules used in the performed tasks, on applied techniques, on topics and types of tasks. An objective analysis of these error distributions clearly indicates those errors that cause the main obstructions in the learning process and reveals all major gaps in student's knowledge and skills. Methodical recommendations for error correction are derived from joint error distributions within a minute. Any teacher or tutor will find this function to be extremely useful.

More than just a math tutorial, this multilingual software offers a way for children to learn math lexicon in a foreign language. Translation of any text to German or another available language is easily obtained by double-clicking on it. Those who study not in a native language will find this option to be particularly attractive.

Test authoring options enable math teachers to prepare math tests literally in a minute. Select a few math topics and a level of test complexity - and the desired math test is ready! The software will pick up the corresponding examples for you. More demanding teachers are enabled to compile tests manually, by visual selection of each example. Another useful option: when you save your test, the software generates and saves up to 30 similar variant tests! For the lazy teachers the software offers dozens of ready tests. All developed materials can be printed out or stored in a file and re-used.

The EMTeachline Mathematics Software consists of dozens of modules arranged in topics. Each module offers many thousands of math problems. Math learning is effective when problems gradually advance in difficulty. Each module offers 11 levels of math problem complexity, from basic to advanced. Kids who are strong in math and need a challenge can adjust the difficulty level at any moment. Covered subject areas are arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry and hyperbolic trigonometry. All math problems are provided with fully explained step by step solutions. Comprehensive tutoring material is provided for each solution step in a useful manner, so that it is always under hand.


Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra: Operations: multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. Fractions, powers. Numeric expressions: estimation, equivalencies, problem-solving. Solving arithmetic problems using algebraic formulas.

Algebra: Polynomial and fractional rational expressions: transformation, simplification, evaluation. Solution of linear, quadratic, cubic, biquadratic, reciprocal and fractional algebraic equations and inequalities. Proofs of algebraic identities. Solution methods: Substitution, factoring, grouping, Bezout theorem, formulas of short multiplication, method of intervals and more. Related theory: definitions and rules, proof of algebraic formulas and theorems.

Trigonometry and Hyperbolic Trigonometry: trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, arcus functions. Trigonometric and hyperbolic expressions: transformation, simplification, evaluation. Solution of trigonometric and hyperbolic equations. Proofs of trigonometric and hyperbolic identities. Solution methods: universal substitution, sum, product and addition of trigonometric functions, power reduction, multiple argument, shift of argument and more. Related theory: definitions and rules, proof of trigonometric and hyperbolic formulas.


For math students: You can train your problem solving skills with the help of dozens of interactive training techniques. You can effectively learn definitions, rules and other math concepts, study solution methods, pick up skills of verbal formulation of math transformations, learn cause-and-effect relationships, study proofs of math formulas and theorems, develop reasoning skills, etc. And in parallel, you can learn math lexicon in a foreign language!

For math teachers: You can use a fairy large repository of math problems; arrange problems by topic, complexity level, solution method and type of task; compile math tests, quizzes, homeworks and exams of varied complexity; generate numerous similar variant tests around a constructed example. You can use dozens of ready variant tests. For each student of yours, you can get an objective analysis of his/her performance, together with an optimal set of tasks for error correction.

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