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Screenshots give an idea of how the EMTeachline mathematics software looks and works. To try the EMTeachline programs, download their free trial versions.

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This is the program's image at the loading stage. You can either choose a topic for study or proceed to preparation of tests. In the program EMMentor you have to select a methodical scheme at this stage.

Call of problem for study

When you open any section in the list "Contents", you get a number of similar problems for study.

Problem's solution

Each problem is solved step-by-step, with the in-depth substantiation of each step. Our online examples will give you an idea of the level of detalization.

Nested levels

Often, while solving a task, we face an auxiliary problem. To facilitate the perception of main solution, the solution of auxiliary problems is shown on nested levels.

Proofs of formulas

Each step of solution is provided with its objective, grounding definition, rule and formula.

Automatic creation of variant tasks

Each program allows you to prepare tests and their variants in an automatic and manual modes. You see the window for development of tests.

Created variant

The shown test was generated in a minute. You can regulate the test complexity.


The EMTeachline programs are multilingual: any definition, rule, etc can be translated to the other language. You see the translation window.

Evaluation of results

The program EMMentor evaluates your performance. You see a window implementing this function.

Training techniques

The program EMMentor offers a variety of interactive training techniques, the so-called methodical schemes. The image shows a window with one of the techniques from the group "To relate".