Developed math topics: arithmetic algebra trigonometry
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Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra. Pure arithmetic tasks and numeric problems that are solved using algebraic methods. Operations. Transformation and evaluation of numeric expressions. Numeric equalities.

Choice Algebra Pre-Calculs

Algebra and Pre-Calculus

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Transformation, simplification and evaluation of rational expressions. Proofs of algebraic identities. Solutions of algebraic equations. Solutions of algebraic inequalities. Linear, quadratic, biquadratic, reciprocal, cubic, quartic and complex fractional expressions.

Choice Algebra


Trigonometry. All trigonometric and arc-trigonometric functions. Transformation, simplification and evaluation of trigonometric expressions. Proof of trigonometric identities. Solution of trigonometric equations.

Choice Trigonometry

Hyperbolic trigonometry

Hyperbolic trigonometry. All hyperbolic and arc-hyperbolic functions. Transformation, simplification and evaluation of hyperbolic expressions. Proof of hyperbolic identities. Solution of hyperbolic equations.

Choice Hiperbolic Trigonometry

Through courses

Through courses. Combine a number of topics. Solutions of algebraic, trigonometric and hyperbolic equations. Proofs of trigonometric and hyperbolic identities...


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