Okay, you know that A2 +B2 = C2 (squared), but is it all that important to learn the Pythagorean Theorem? Does not having to measure the third side of a triangle pushes you to want to learn the Pythagorean theorem? Of course, you need it in your geometry class if you want to get out of high-school (and college geometry), but apart from that, where are you going to use it? These are a few real-life scenarios where the theorem might come into play and help you out in your everyday life.

1. Road trip anyone?  
If you are meeting at a destination before taking off on a road trip, the theorem can help you out. If you are already there, and a friend is going to meet you at a point, the theorem will present you with alternative roads he can travel to get there. Using the theorem, you can figure out which route is shortest, most direct, and will get him to the meeting point in the shortest amount of time.

2. Contractors 
If you are a painting contractor, this theorem can also help you out when tackling a house painting project. When using ladders, it is important to determine how all a ladder has to be to reach the highest point safely and at which angles to place the ladder, to do the job quickly, efficiently, and safely. Using the base (floor), the house, and the angle at which you will place the angle, you can determine which ladder to use, to complete the job.

3. Computer or TV purchase
In certain living room areas or offices, a screen which is too large (or small) can cause issues. Strain the eyes, make it hard to read information, or otherwise make things difficult to view when working (or watching TV). The Pythagorean Theorem can help you here as well. You can simply use the diagonal screen size, length from where you will sit/work, and find the third angle to determine if it is the right fit in the space.

Sure, these are basic examples, but you can use the theorem in many practices of your everyday life (professionally and at home). So, why not pull out your old math books, and dust off the cover, to take on a refresher course of the Pythagorean theorem, as well as other useful theorems you can use which were taught to you so many years ago. In case you forget it, like most people do, check out the video below!