Catalogs of Training Mathematics Programs

The EMTeachline Mahematics Software consists of dozens of modules arranged in topics and functional capabilities. There are specialized programs that focus on one narrow topic and one type of task (e.g. Solving Algebraic Equations, Proving Trigonometric Identities, etc) and pooled programs that perform different types of tasks (e.g. Algebra Course includes evaluation of expressions, proofs of identities and solutions of equations and inequalities) or cover a number of topics (e.g. Equations: Solving Algebraic, Trigonometric and Hyperbolic equations).

The program line EMTask provides a repository of math problems with answers and solutions and easy-to-use test preparation tools. The program line EMSolution supports all options of EMTask, and additionally, provides each solution step with related definition, formulation, rule, formula and theorem. The program line EMMentor is an interactive software for training problem-solving skills that offers a variety of interactive learning algorithms, a unique system of performance analysis with methodical feedbacks and supports all options of EMSolution and EMTask. The low-priced short version of each program differs in a number of included math problems.

Our Choice Wizard will help you make your choice step by step. Alternatively, you can directly review the overall software catalogue. For your convenience, the software modules are grouped in three different ways.

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