Demo: problems, solutions, tests, learning techniques, error analysis

This demo resource enables you to see online what you get using different programs from the EMTeachline mathematics software package. More than 6000 math examples provide an overview of covered math topics. You can observe variant tests and solutions of 11 complexity levels that are available in all EMTeachline programs. Using test authoring options of any program you can develop your own variant tests literally in a minute! Try a number of learning techniques of the program EMMentor and get an insight into a unique option of user’s performance analysis. Look how thoroughly your errors will be analysed to produce a set of optimal tasks to close vacancies in your math skills! This demo is MathML based. To properly view these pages in Internet Explorer, please download DesignScience’s plug-in MathPlayer.

Overview of math topics in examples

This is an online sample of over 6,000 math problems from EMTeachline mathematics software. Problems in arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry and hyperbolic trigonometry are combined in tests. You can observe 40 math tests, two (similar) variants each. Using test authoring options of EMTeachline mathematics software you can develop numerous variant tests literally in a minute. Test authoring options and dozens of ready variant tests are available without exception in all EMTeachline programs.

Examples of solutions

This demo enables you to view solutions of 11 levels of complexity in arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry and hyperbolic trigonometry. You can observe solutions of equations and inequalities, proofs of identities, simplification and evaluation of expressions and more. Included are linear, quadratic, biquadratic, cubic, reciprocal, high-degree and fractional algebraic expressions and all trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. Without exception all EMTeachline programs offer the full range of solutions complexity.

EMTask online

An online version of EMTask offers a selection of variant tests with solutions as they appear in the actual program EMTask. Covered subject areas include simplification and evaluation of algebraic expressions, proof of algebraic identities, solution of algebraic equations and inequalities. This example demonstrate what you can do using test authoring options of EMTask and how this program helps in the learning process.

EMSolution online

An online version of EMSolution offers 40 fully explained step by step solutions of algebraic inequalities. Each solution step is provided with its objective, grounding definition, rule and formula or theorem. Observe solutions step by step and learn related math concepts! An option of translation enables an instant translation of any text to German. The actual program EMSolution offers thousands of equally detailed solutions.

EMMentor online

An online version of EMMentor models the process of independent solving. Offered are 30 trigonometric equations. You can try to solve each equation step by step, by selecting a correct math transformation from the offered list. A comprehensive hint is available at each solution step. A switch to German is possible at any moment. This example allows trying one interactive learning technique out of 57 techniques available in the actual program EMMentor.

Examples of learning techniques

This demo enables you to try 16 learning techniques out of 57 techniques available in the program EMMentor. Each learning technique applies to the solution of math problem and consists of a set of methodical tasks to be discharged at each step of math problem solution. Just like in sport one physical exercise trains a particular group of muscles, a separate learning algorithm trains a particular skill in solving math problems and forms a piece of theoretical knowledge. All together, learning techniques will arm you with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and durable problem-solving skills. A switch to German is available at any moment.

Performance analysis with methodical feedback

An example of user’s performance analysis from the program EMMentor. Includes a record of four performed tasks with grades and summaries of errors for each task separately and results of joint multifactor analysis of all performed tasks with methodical recommendations for error correction. Multifactor analysis of errors regarding formulas, definitions and rules used in the performed tasks, applied techniques, topics etc. enables EMMentor to detect vacancies in user’s knowledge and skills and generate optimal exercises to develop missing math knowledge and skills. This function is only available in the program EMMentor.