Why We Support “Light” Versions?

The programs EMTask Light, EMSolution Light and EMMentor Light are fully functional trial versions of the EMTeachline mathematics software. They give you an opportunity to try all functions of EMTeachline software gratis and to make your own conclusion whether this program suits you.

The Light programs cover all developed topics – arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry and hyperbolic trigonometry – with a selection of math examples. All Light programs are 3-lingual and allow switching to English, German or Russian at any moment. All Light programs support a number of interface styles.

There are 3 principal limitations of Light versions:

  1. Fragmentary subject coverage. Light versions broadly cover all developed themes but include just a couple of randomly chosen sections from a few chapters. This means that Light versions are not fit for a systematic study of math. Commercial modules are arranged in topics and offer a comprehensive subject coverage. Consult the complete list of contents available in commercial modules. An overview of contents in examples is provided online.
  2. Limited number of math examples. Light versions offer just a small selection of practice problems. This limitation hampers the test preparation option as Light versions are only capable to generate one similar variant of a developed test. Commercial modules generate up to 30 variants around a constructed examplary test.
    Limited number of examples restricts another important feature – the range of math problems’ complexity. Light versions offer just two levels of complexity, while commercial modules provide 11 complexity levels for each problem type. The availability of a large complexity range is crucial in math training, especially in classes of mixed ability students, as kids learn best when problems gradually advance in difficulty. Our online demos provide an insight into the full spectrum of complexity available in commercial modules.
  3. Time limitation. Light versions will timeout 14 days after installation.
    Note that most user options are also demonstrated on-line. First of all, provided are the on-line versions of EMTask, EMSolution and EMMentor. In addition, you can view math tests, solutions of 11 complexity levels, examples of learning techniques and examples of error analysis.