Why all EMTeachline Modules are not integrated in one training program?

Any training program is a tool to facilitate your work. The quality of a tool is defined by its performance and convenience of use. With this in mind, we have developed a number of program lines with different sets of user options and organized them by subject. The basis of all programs is the same and therefore the programs might be easily integrated in one shell.

Why we support different program lines?

Because some users will never need some functions of a “big” program. Math teachers, for instance, cannot be interested in training algorithms for learning formulas, as they have already learnt formulas long ago. A “big” program will inevitably contain a set of “dead” controls – different sets for different groups of users. A good tool should not contain optional functions. The easier is the control of a program, the better.

There is also an economic component of the problem. Investment of time, knowledge, nerves and money into the development of a “big” product is large. Naturally, the “big” training program is more expensive than the program with a smaller set of options. This means that you pay for a set of functions that you are not going to use. Any multi-purpose training program has this organic defect, whatever the publishers write in their advertisements.

It may seem that some of the EMTeachline training programs are “better” than the others. For example, EMMentor includes all functions of EMSolution plus many other useful training options.

Is EMMentor “better” than ENSolution?

If you will use all functions of EMMentor, then this program is better for you indeed. If not – then EMMentor is not optimal for you. Firstly, it is more complex, and secondly, it is more expensive.

The cheapest program line is EMTask. These programs offer repositories of practice problems from basic to advanced with answers and solutions and a complete set of test preparation options. Try an on-line version of EMTask to see what you can get.

EMSolution supports all options of EMTask. In addition, EMSolution unwraps all solutions step by step, provides each step with its objective and relevant definition, rule and formula, and supports an option of translation. Try an on-line version of EMSolution to see what this program has to offer.

EMMentor is a comprehensive but rather expensive learning tool. In addition to all options of EMSolution, EMMentor offers numerous interactive training techniques and a comprehensive error analysis with methodical recommendations for error correction. To try this variety of options, download free trial version of EMMentor.