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This free online mathematics resource helps students review and train their math skills and provides math teachers with materials to enhance their math courses. EMLibrary offers a free collection of variant math tests and four training options. You can review solutions step by step, learn related math concepts, interactively train your problem solving skills and solve math problems on your own! The subjects covered are arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, precalculus, trigonometry and hyperbolic trigonometry.

What you will get?

  • Free online program EMTask offers step by step solutions of algebra problems from basic to advanced. Includes all types of tasks – simplification and evaluation of algebraic expressions, proofs of algebraic identities, solutions of algebraic equations and inequalities. Offers linear, quadratic, biquadratic, reciprocal, cubic and fractional expressions, identities, equations and inequalities.
  • Free online program EMSolution offers fully explained solutions of algebraic inequalities and helps students learn math theory related with solutions. Each step of solution is provided with its objective, grounding definition, rule and formulae or theorem. Some formulas are provided with fully explained step by step proofs. EMSolution encourages students to learn through in-depth understanding of each solution step and repetition rather than through rote memorization.
  • If you are you strong in trigonometry – click on EMMentor and try to solve a number of trigonometric equations on your own. Proceed step by step. EMMentor will help you by asking questions and offering multiple-choice answers for each solution step. By your request, EMMentor will provide you with comprehensive hint.
  • For those who enjoy solving math problems and like challenges, EMLibrary offers nearly 7,000 math problems in arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, precalculus, trigonometry and hyperbolic trigonometry. Solve yourself and check the result with the provided answer!