Who Needs Lexical Functions in Math Software, and Why?

Mathematics is the same worldwide. The language of mathematics is a professional slang with specialized lexicon. The purpose of lexical functions in the EMTeachline mathematics software is to help understand math lexicon in many languages.

The software offer the following user options:

  • Multilingual interface. The software interface supports a number of languages and enables users to switch to a selected foreign language at any moment
  • Translation. The software provides an instant translation of every definition, rule, verbal formulation to a selected language
  • Study of lexicon. The software provides exercises to learn definitions, formulations, rules, etc. in foreign languages

Who needs lexical functions? These are groups of people who will find lexical functions to be particularly attractive:

  1. People who live in the countries with two and more state languages
  2. People who are forced to study not in a native language. (This is serious problem, by the way. Mathematics is not an easiest subject in itself, but if this overlaps with shortage in language skill and adaptaion problems… )
  3. Teachers and students of specialized schools with the practice of teaching in foreign languages
  4. Persons planning to continue education abroad

Let us make it clear – it is impossible to learn foreign languages with the EMTeachline software. The purpose of our programs is narrower – help in learning math lexicon. How to use lexical functions? If you do not speak any foreign language then select your native language as a language of interface and select the language you want to study as a language of translation. Keep calling translation of every appearing phrase. Then “turn around” the language settings, and try to do the same exercise again. Free trial version of the EMTeachline mathematics software enables you to try these options.