Preparation of tests, variant tests and other methodical materials

To prepare various tests, exams, revision exercises and homeworks, math teachers have to either compose math examples themselves – which is a long story – or use the existing task-books – which is slow and costly. The EMTeachline mathematics software provides an ideal cost-effective help for math teachers:

  • Firstly, the software offers a fairy large repository of math examples – many thousands of math problems on each topic
  • Secondly, the software provides 11 levels of problem complexity and numerous similar tasks within one complexity class
  • Thirdly, the software provides each example with answer and complete solution
  • Lastly, the software offers a number of easy-to-use test preparation options

How to prepare a test? The EMTeachline software offers two ways:

  1. In an automatic mode, you have to select the desired topics and a level of test complexity. This is a matter of a few minutes. The software itself will select the corresponding examples for you. If you do not like some examples you can replace them at once
  2. In a manual mode, you have to select each example visually

In both modes, when you save the developed test, the software generates and saves up to 30 analogous (similar) variants of the test. All tests with or without the solutions can be printed out or saved in a file and reused.

All described features and options are available in any EMTeachline module. The cheapest available program is EMTask. You can download free trial version of EMTask from here .