How does the EMTeachline mathematics software help math tutors?

The tutor’s job differs from that of a classroom teacher. In school, you work with a group of students. As a tutor, you work typically with one person, dealing mainly with vacancies in his/her knowledge and skills.

As a tutor, you have to:

  • make a diagnostic check and find vacancies in math knowledge and skills
  • devise a system of exercises to fill up the detected vacancies
  • help in executing these exercises
  • select exercises to be done independently to reinforce math skills
  • explain a line of reasoning

Math Tutors Methodical Help with EMMentor

If you are an experienced tutor, then you know how to do this work. The EMTeachline software can assist you and save your time. The software line EMMentor offers a large collection of methodical exercises and math examples. As a specialist, you can easily select the needed examples and exercises. What’s more, EMMentor offers a unique algorithm of multifactor error analysis. The work of your pupil in solving tasks will be analysed thoroughly and comprehensively. The distributions of errors over formulas and rules, over topics and throughout the used training techniques will be presented in tables and on plots. The software will detect errors obstructing the learning process and recommend an optimal set of exercises to develop missing skills.

I do not need to explain you that kids feel much more confident if – while they carry out a homework – they are helped, their work is checked up and evaluated. The EMTeachline software offers such options. Do not take our word – download free trial version of EMMentor. Check for yourself whether the offered methodical exercises are up to your standards. If this is the case, take an advantage of using this program in your work!