How to Select a Training Program?

EMTeachline Software offers a range of training programs. The programs are arranged in topics. Within each topic, the programs differ in sets of available user options, in number of included math problems and hence in prices.

Below we give you a practical advice how to select a proper program in three steps

  1. First of all, determine the subject (topic) of interest. Consult the complete list of contents to see the detailed subject coverage. Review the on-line examples on this topic. You will see that each topic is elaborated in depth and that the corresponding math examples represent the whole spectrum of complexity, from basic to advanced (11 levels), and thus cover all skill levels. Every teacher knows that the availability of a fairy large complexity range is important in classes of mixed ability students.
  2. Now decide on options you need. You have to choose between EMTask, EMSolution and EMMentor modules.
    2.1 Any EMTeachline module provides a database of math problems with answers and complete solutions, as well as test preparation options. This is a minimal set of user options shared by all EMTeachline programs. If these options satisfy you, then select the program line EMTask which is the cheapest. Demo version of EMTask is available online. This program line is an ideal cost-effective solution for math teachers and tutors. Note however that EMTask does not offer any training options. Kids who are strong in math can use this program to review for an exam but other learners may need additional – training – options.
    2.2 The program line EMSolution supports all options of EMTask and, in addition, provides each step of solution with comprehensive theoretical explanations. For each solution step you will get its objective, grounding rule, related definition and underlying formula or theorem. With EMSolution you can review solutions step by step and learn related math concepts. Demo version of EMSolution is available on-line. Many learners will find this traditional learning algorithm effective enough. However, EMSolution does not offer any interactive features and does not provide any feedback.
    2.3 The program line EMMentor supports all options of EMSolution and offers additionally a set of interactive training techniques and a system of user’s performance analysis with methodical feedback. The techniques are designed to build up active reasoning skills, develop understanding of cause-and-effect relationships and improve higher-level thinking skills. Each training technique applies to the solution of a math problem and consists of a methodical task (a set of tasks) to be discharged at each solution step. Try an online demo of several techniques to see how they work.
    An analysis of student’s performance is a pivotal element in math training. EMMentor will make a comprehensive multifactor analysis of your performance in a minute. An original algorithm of error analysis enables EMMentor to determine major obstructions in the learning process and generate optimal exercises to develop missing math skills. An example of error analysis with methodical recommendations for error correction is available online. If you want your performance to be analysed with the same degree of detalization, purchase EMMentor.
  3. After you have decided on a set of options and selected a program line you need, you have to choose between the full and short version of the selected module. This is easy. The only difference between two versions is the number of included math examples. A repository of math problems in short versions is large enough to satisfy the demands of ordinary learners. For math teachers we would recommend the full version, because the large number of math examples increases the power of test preparation options. To provide each student in your class with an individual practice test, select full versions.

This is it. To summarize: for math teachers and tutors we recommend EMTask as a cost-effective program that will effectively save your time in preparation for the lessons. More motivated teachers can use EMMentor to get an objective analysis of a student’s work and methodical recommendation for error corrections. For learners who are strong in math we recommend EMSolution as an affordable program that provides solutions together with related theory. For learners who are struggling in math we recommend EMMentor. This program provides the complete guidance in solving math problems.

In any case, we recommend you to download free fully functional trial versions of the EMTeachline mathematics software before buying. The trial programs EMTask Light, EMSolution Light and EMMentor Light cover all developed topics (arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry and hyperbolic trigonometry) with a small selection of math examples. Light versions will timeout 14 days after installation.